Sunday, June 28, 2015

Incentivizing my day!

Hello friendships!

So, yesterday was awesome because I took Cammie with me to Jackie's house and we had our first ever doggy play date between Cam and June! After Cam jealously guarded June's toys (bully!), I decided to invest in some new treasures for Cammie so we started off our day with a trip to PetSmart (PetsMart? Pet s'm Art?) Picture time!

This is how I did my face--I did a really cool winged liner with a super sparkly glitter on the inner part of the lid, fading to purple and blue in the outer part! So fun. So, so fun!

Here is Cammie posing with June--the girls had to sit down before we would let them go in after their walk :)

And lastly, today Cammie picked out some new toys at the mart for pets, and this is her new chew toy! She is loving it, plus the toy she wanted of June's (JoJo!) and a squeaky Kong brand fox thing. It reminds me of Naruto because it has like, 4 tails. Vulpix!! Sorry for you non-nerds out there who have no idea what those references were about.

For the rest of the day today, I have loootttttssss of housework to do. I'm hoping that Cam will be occupied with her new treasures and not pee all over the place while I'm getting things done. The other barrier I have to getting things crossed off my list is that I DON'T WANT TO DO ANY OF IT! I am seewww not in the mood to clean. Thus, I will do my thing where I plan out some rewards that I can earn by doing my chores. As with my beauty bank, I'll give higher values to the tasks I really don't want to do, and smaller values for things that will be less of a pain or take less time to do. Here's m'list!

  • Laundry - each load is worth $.50, which includes folding and putting away. 
  • Mail - sorting, putting away, recycling junk - $.50 for completion.
  • Bathroom - organize makeup, vanity, clean off sink, sweep and re-stock toilet paper - $1 per bathroom.
  • Bedroom - clean bedding, vacuum, put away jewelry/random stuff - $.75
  • Plants - water and remove dead ones - $.25
  • College stuff - pick up, put away (into rightful places) - $.50 per half hour spent specifically on that stuff, as there isn't another great way to quantify finishing that.
  • Dishes - load dishwasher, run, put away, take care of jars/containers that need to be recycled - $.50.

List will be growing--it's more fun to make the list than to actually do the things on it! Argh! Time to get started :) Wish me luck. How much do you think I'll earn today?

Bye for now,

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