Monday, February 2, 2015

Swatchy Lips

Hello, friends on the interwebs!

This post is simply to share a video I recorded a few weeks ago in which I swatched 25 different lip products/colors.  Fun fact, I have the red squiggly underline on my screen now beneath both "interwebs" and "swatched".  For your convenience:  interwebs (n. pl.) - The Internet.  swatch (v.) - to sample the color of.

In this video, I introduce myself and my noob (there's the red squiggly again) status relative to makeup application.  I'm not sure whether I should consider myself a noob or a newbie.  In my undergraduate years, it was explained to me that a newbie is simply a person who is new to something (i.e., a novice), while a noob, in gaming terms, is a person who is no longer new to a game but who still performs at a sub-par level.  Thus, "newbie" wouldn't be an insult but "noob" could be.

Since I probably applied my first coat of mascara 15 years ago, I'm probably more squarely in the Noob Zone.  But, with the advent of the YouTube-famous beauty guru, I'm hoping to slowly and steadily work my way to a more respectable status of at least beauty-competent.  Teach me, O Wise Ones!  Bring on thy tutorials, thy sacred tips!  Filleth this empty cup of mine 'til it runneth over with loose powders and liquid lipsticks of shades most pigmented!

That could have gone on for a long time.  Please let me know if you're reading, and also if you would like to see slash read my impressions slash reviews of any of the lipsticks swatched in the video.  Product recommendations and general comments are all welcome.

Post completed.

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