Monday, February 16, 2015

Wish List & Extra Cash

Hello beauty buddies!
I wanted to provide a quick update to say that my Beauty Bank tracking system is WORKING!!!  I have already earned $5, though none of that comes from any empties.  Instead, I've done a few days of squats/lunges and had a lot of water.  I am using a simple excel spreadsheet to track each day's progress and to log the specific activities for the sake of accountability.  Let me know if you'd like a copy of the spreadsheet!  Since I am committed to making myself work for my next beauty buy, I feel that some proper motivation is in order.  Specifically, a wish list!!!  Yaayyy!  Now that I've limited my funds, I've got to be pickier with my purchases.  It would be nice to say that this is my short list, but I doubt it'll be anywhere near short.  Please share your own craves and faves that I can consider for my list!

In a semi-particular order...

  1. eyeshadows in the colors frappe, creme brulee, shimma shimma, last dancemoondustpretentious, grandstand, and homecoming.  You could look at some additional swatches/reviews here.  There are some nice YouTube reviews/swatch videos of MUG eyeshadows, too, by KathleenLights and BaileyB.  I still recommend watching them on increased speed :)
  2. ColourPop Cosmetics eyeshadows in the colors La La, Bae, Bill, and Partridge.  I think that ColourPop gives you $5 off your first order of $30, meaning you can get a 7th product free when you buy 6.  Wee!  For that reason, I'd love to get some recommendations on colors / whether I should get the lippie sticks to try.  If so, I'm thinking I'd try Lumiere and/or Frida.  If it would look good on me, I would super want Brills!  
  3. This is the splurgiest of my wishes...I really want to try the Hourglass Ambient Lights palette!  It's only $58 so no big deal, right?  Yeah, maybe once I have a salary it'll be NBD.  For now, it'd be a major splurge!
  4. This hasn't been on my radar long, but I think this would be a nice palette to try out some Make Up For Ever shadows...I've seen some good things about this formula!  MUFE Artist Palette ~ looks pretty!  Nice reviews on, but I would definitely want to go swatch this in person before taking the plunge.  
  5.  The NARS Audacious lipstick line.  Drool.  40 shades available online, and I really love the one shade I've already splurged on.  I bought Anna, after wanting Anita and not liking how it looked on.  My beef with these was that Sephora only has a fraction of the line available in stores, so I didn't get to try on all the colors I wanted.  Want to see all the colors reviewed and swatched?  Once again, Temptalia is your girl.  I want to try on colors like Dominique, Juliette, Kelly, and Audrey.
Gosh, I thought this list would be much longer!  Maybe it's so short right now because I've realized I don't need much more at this point, since I so recently splurged on so many things!  I would like to get another lorac pro eyeliner, and possibly try out the lorac pro 2 palette.  However, these would come after trying out the new brands/products above.  

On a separate note, who else is brave enough to order online without first trying on?  I think it's probably best to try on for yourself, but if the store has a great return policy, online can be a good bet!  For anyone who has swatched/tried on in person but wants to save a little extra, especially for the more expensive items, I would recommend Ebates.  I've earned $137.87 back so far, though I have to admit I think I was too late in cashing one of my checks (they give you like 3 months, so it was my bad) and lost out on like $15!  I've purchased online from Amazon, Hautelook, Sephora, Ulta, and Nordstrom.  The cash back per site varies, but if you want to sign up, you can follow this link and I get a referral bonus!  The site is free to register and use, so I would 100% recommend it.  Especially around holidays, they often double the cash back on different websites.  For example, I'd hold out until Sephora has an 8 or 10% cash back instead of the typical 3-4%.

Anyway, please share your own wish list items and any new products or brands you think I should check out!  I was thinking of making some makeup purchases from Etsy and then reviewing various shops/product lines.  Would anyone be interested?  I think the appeal is in looking at handmade versus gigormous company.  Sometimes it's nice to support "the little guy," right?

Let me know :)  Thanks for reading, now go forth and be great.


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